School of the Announciation - Centre for the New Evanghelism School of the Announciation - Angel Statue
at Buckfast Abbey - Devon


“Following on the success of Summer Schools in previous years, the foundation of the School of the Annunciation promises to be the next phase in Buckfast Abbey becoming a centre for authentic Catholic studies in continuity with the great Benedictine tradition stretching back over 1,500 years in our country. May Our Lady of Buckfast bless this new venture.”

Rt Rev. David Charlesworth, Abbot of Buckfast Abbey


“I am delighted to welcome this new initiative for the New Evangelisation at Buckfast Abbey, and I am grateful for the generosity shown by Abbot David and the Monastic community in providing it a home and direction.  The Diocese of Plymouth looks forward to working with the School of the Annunciation so that the Gospel may more effectively be preached in our society.” 

Rt Rev. Mark O’Toole, Bishop of Plymouth.



"I am very happy to promote this new initiative, a School forming disciples for the new evangelisation, based at Buckfast Abbey. The School of the Annunciation currently offers a distance-learning Diploma in the New Evangelisation. This will be excellent training for those in your parishes who would like to be better equipped to go out and evangelise."

Bishop Philip Egan, Bishop of Portsmouth.


"There is a real need to reflect on the call to a New Evangelisation and its implications. If apostolic initiatives are to bear a lasting fruit those newly evangelised will need to be catechised and led along the ways of discipleship. As they grow in openness to God’s presence in their lives these new disciples will in turn begin to ask what the Lord wants them to do and in that way the New Evangelisation will bear fruit in vocations. I therefore look forward to working with the new School of the Annunciation which will, I am sure, rapidly become the key resource for all of us involved in reflecting on and promoting the New Evangelisation in England and Wales".

Fr Stephen Langridge, Vocations Director, Archdiocese of Southwark. Chairman of the Vocation Directors of England and Wales


"I'm very pleased to hear about the School of the Annunciation and the plans you have for it. Monastery schools once laid the foundations of Christian civilisation in Europe through the combination of reviving ancient learning and analysing the world through the lens of the Faith. I very much hope that the School of the Annunciation at Buckfast will prove a cornerstone of the revival of the Church in Britain."

Sir Edward Leigh MP, President of the Catholic Union

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