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at Buckfast Abbey - Devon

Vision and Mission

At the heart of the life of the School is our commitment to the vital and inseparable relationship between Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium that according to ‘God’s most wise design, are so linked and joined together that one cannot stand without the others, and that all together and each in its own way under the action of the one Holy Spirit contribute effectively to the salvation of souls’ (Dogmatic Constitution, Dei Verbum, 10). Courses and events delivered by the School will seek to promote among students and staff the passion, insight and creativity that only comes from the obedience of faith to God’s revelation safeguarded, explained and taught by the Magisterium of the Church. 


The School of the Annunciation serves the New Evangelisation through its service to the Gospel of the Blessed Trinity, a Gospel of joy and redemption. The School is consecrated in all of its activities to Mary who, full of grace, offered an assent that was also the gift of herself, enabling the Holy Spirit to make present in her the Lord and giver of all grace, for the salvation of the world. In this Marian spirit, the School dedicates itself to the formation of the faithful for the New Evangelisation.

Rooted in the graces flowing from participation in the celebration of the mysteries of the faith, the School seeks to embody a way in which mission flows from adoration, and the annunciation of the faith from communion in the mysteries. Attention is given to the formation needs of the Church related to all three ‘moments’ of evangelisation:

  • formation for initial witness and proclamation;
  • formation for systematic and comprehensive catechesis and apologetics;
  • formation in sacred theology as a deeper appreciation of the mysteries of the faith.

Convinced that the renewal of the faith depends upon a creative retrieval of the treasures of our Christian heritage, the School offers formation and opportunities for engagement with the spiritual, intellectual, cultural and artistic patrimony of the Church.

Blending the traditional with the new in terms of learning, the School aims to develop both a small campus of full-time students for intense periods of education and formation, together with outreach for part-time learning using a collaborative-learning method. Its vision is to act as a reference point for the New Evangelisation for small communities of learners, supporting their formation in families, in new and traditional ecclesial communities, in parishes and in deaneries.


Seeking to witness through a new ardour, new methods and a new expression to the perennial newness of the Gospel, the mission of the School is to:

  • provide courses to support formation for the New Evangelisation in all three ‘moments’;
  • offer support, advice, consultancy and resources for catechesis and the New Evangelisation;
  • disseminate and make accessible the pontifical magisterium on the New Evangelisation;
  • engage with the challenges of contemporary secularisation and with the articulation of a credible Christian response through research, publications and conferences;
  • collaborate with families and communities to provide educational support for the development of Catholic learning, culture and life;
  • collaborate with universities also committed to the vision of Ex Corde Ecclesiae.


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