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BA Level Studies in Theology, Philosophy, and the New Evangelisation


A notice from the Trustees of the School of the Annunciation:

We are pleased to announce that the validation process for the BA course has been approved, but it has not been possible for the Trust's contractual obligations to be completed. Therefore, we are unable to offer the course for the academic year. We apologise for any misunderstanding or inconvenience this may cause. 


The BA Level Studies in Theology, Philosophy, and the New Evangelisation programme offered by the School of the Annunciation aims to respond to the great need of our times - the need for a New Evangelisation of our culture at every level. It aims to foster joyful enthusiasm for the mission of transmitting the Christian faith, enabling the gaining of the essential knowledge, understanding, and skills for a creative and reflective participation in the Church's call for this New Evangelisation.

Who is the programme for?

What past students on this course say:

"The quality of the teaching we encountered at the residential made it an experience that was not only highly educational but a real privilege to participate in."

"What comes over so strongly is the genuine passion and enthusiasm, dare I say awe, teachers have for their subject."

"Everything was planned beautifully... Fellowship with students and staff was palpable. Also appreciate the way moodle has been set up in regards to interaction with other students."

This programme is suitable for all those interested in passing on the Faith of the Church as the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is for all adults, and provides an accessible but thorough general foundation programme for parents and catechists. For teachers it provides invaluable ongoing formation. It will deepen the formation of all those in other pastoral services in the parish and wider Church community.

2018-19 Academic Year

This is an applied programme, covering knowledge and understanding of the Faith, and also providing the opportunity to grow in confidence and skill in the transmission of the Faith in a range of settings.

For the Church, 'evangelisation' means bringing the Good News into every aspect of human life and culture. Attention is therefore given in this programme to formation for giving an initial witness and proclamation of the Faith; formation in basic philosophical concepts and the Deposit of Faith, so as to enable the provision of a systematic and comprehensive catechesis. This programme provides formation in philosophy and sacred theology, that deeper appreciation of the mysteries of the Faith, while also examining various aspects of science, religion, and culture, which are relevant for all who wish to work for the New Evangelisation.

Some of the modules being offered this academic year (2018-19) are:

The New Evangelisation and the Craft of Transmission

The Deposit of Faith and the Sources of the Catholic Faith

Philosophy, Science, and Religion in Today's Culture

Salvation History: The Old Testament and the Gospels 

Church History and the Fathers

How do I study on this programme?

You study mainly from home, following prepared materials, and online. You attend two long weekends (residential study periods) in the beautiful setting of the Abbey at Buckfast. As well as having the opportunity to spend time with teachers during your stays at the Abbey, you have the support of dedicated personal academic tutors who provide regular guidance and feedback on your work.

When are the residential study periods at Buckfast Abbey for the 2018-19 academic year?

2018-2019 Academic Year:

The first required residential study period will take place 27-30 September 2018.

The second required residential study period will take place in March 2019 at a date to be confirmed.

For more information, please contact us by phone 01364 645660 or email We will be happy to deal with any enquiries you have.