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Online MA in Catechetics and Evangelisation

Franciscan University Steubenville 
now available via the School of the Annunciation
at Buckfast Abbey, Devon, UK.

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1. Programme highlights

This new collaboration allows English-speakers in the UK and Europe to enrol for this online MA in Catechetics and Evangelisation programme of Franciscan University, via the School of the Annunciation.  The great advantages now open to UK and EU students are:

  • lower level fees (one third reduction of US level fees)
  • payment in manageable instalments
  • taught and tutored by scholars from Franciscan University Faculty and UK and European tutors from the faculty of the School of the Annunciation 
  • online teaching and assessment
  • a short residential summer school each year at the School of the Annunciation at Buckfast Abbey, Devon, to provide in-depth seminars and tutorial support
  • theological, catechetical, kerygmatic and practical course content
  • All pre-requisites available to be studied in one year
  • flexible time-frame over 2, 3, or 4 years for completion of the programme
  • faithful adherence to the magisterial teaching of the Church both in doctrine and the pedagogy of God

2. Online Programme Curriculum

To complete the programme, students take the required courses, the exit presentation and three electives.

Required Courses (27 US credits, 90 UK credits)1

THE 601 Biblical Foundations (3 credits)
THE 602 Theological Foundations (3 credits)
THE 603 Historical Foundations (3 credits)
THE 604 Teachings of Vatican II (3 credits)
THE 605 Foundations of Moral Theology (3 credits)
CAT 601 Biblical Catechetics (3 credits)
CAT 602 Deposit of Faith (3 credits)
CAT 603 Pedagogy of God I (3 credits)
CAT 604 Pedagogy of God II (3 credits)

CAT 780 Exit Presentation (1 US credit, 3 UK credits)

Delivered on-site at the School of the Annunciation, Buckfast, Devon UK.

Electives (9 US credits, 30 UK credits)

CAT 700 New Evangelisation (3 credits)
CAT 710 RCIA and the Catechumenate (3 credits)
CAT 720 Liturgical Catechesis (3 credits)
CAT 740 Catechetical Vision of the Second Vatican Council (3 credits)
CAT 755 Contemporary Practices in Youth Ministry (3 credits)
CAT 794 Catechetical Practice Today (3 credits)

3. Is it for me?

Catechists, teachers, parents and priests in the UK can now benefit from the theological, scriptural and catechetical excellence built up over many years at Franciscan University.   This programme is designed for busy people who want to improve their knowledge of Christ and His Church and learn new ways to catechise our world that is in great need of Christ's truth in love.

People who would benefit from this programme include:

  • Priests and deacons
  • Catechists and teachers
  • Diocesan Directors of catechetics, evangelisation, adult formation and schools
  • Youth Ministers
  • RCIA Catechists
  • Parents who want to pass on the beauty and fullness of the Catholic faith

4. Programme characteristics

Grounded in the documents of the Church, this prospective programme will allow you to delve into the beauty of the Deposit of Faith. The pedagogy of God is studied as the foundation of catechetical methodology. You will learn what it means to undertake effective catechesis that is scriptural, liturgical, and kerygmatic.

Students who receive the Master of Arts in Catechetics and Evangelisation from Franciscan University will have gained the tools necessary to go forth and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in a way that is faithful to the Church and advances the Kingdom of God.

5. Summer School

MA students are required to attend the ‘Summer School for Catechetics and Evangelisation’ at Buckfast Abbey each year.  These annual summer schools cover new initiatives, current research and debates, seminars and practical workshops on evangelisation and catechesis in the UK. They will also include all the preparation requirements for the exit presentation and time for personal tutorial support.  The Summer School is included in the annual fee.

The date of the Summer School in 2017 is:

Thursday 3 August (evening) – Sunday 6 August (lunchtime) 2017

6. Start Dates

There are three start dates each year for the online MA (January, May, and August) so that students may begin on the nearest start date following the completion and approval of their application process.  For example, applications must be completed by the end of November 2016 for Spring 2017.

7. Costs and Payment Plans

Students pay an annual fee to the School of the Annunciation. This includes administration and all summer school accommodation and costs. This is payable in full in July each year before each summer school. The SOTA annual fee for 2016 is £785 payable directly to the School of the Annunciation.

Courses (normally called ‘modules’ in the UK) cost $1,000 each for the School of the Annunciation students instead of $1500, payable one course at a time directly to Franciscan University.

For Payment Plans, students may pay a lump sum by the start of the course or arrange with Franciscan University for a monthly payment plan. 

Payments should normally be made online.  Cheque payments may incur high levels of bank charges.  For all payment enquiries contact:

Or: Franciscan University of Steubenville
attn:  Student Accounts
1235 University Boulevard
Steubenville, OH 43952-1792

8. Admission Requirements

  • A first degree in any subject is a necessary requirement for admission to the MA programme. 
  • There are also 3 subject areas which must have been covered at undergraduate level with an approved Catholic curriculum. 

The 3 prerequisite subjects can be studied at the School of the Annunciation beginning on various dates throughout the year (see sections 10 & 11 below).  If all 3 subjects need to be taken, these can be covered in one year, allowing application for the MA in time for the following year's intake. The 3 subject areas are:

1. Metaphysics
2. Biblical Principles
3. Introduction to Catechetics

Transcripts including these subject areas must be seen and approved by the Franciscan University before beginning the MA programme. Transcripts will automatically be provided by the School of the Annunciation for anyone successfully completing the prerequisites at the School of the Annunciation.

9. To apply for the MA

To apply:

1. Download and fill in this registration form.

2. Go to the Franciscan University website and online application form.  You must indicate on the application form that you are applying for the School of the Annunciation option to qualify for the discounted course fees.

You can find the course details and application form at the Franciscan University Website:

A letter of recommendation is required by Franciscan University and a copy is required with the School of the Annunciation Registration form. There is no official form for the letter of recommendation.  It may be emailed to Mr Thomas Weishaar and typed in the body of the email, or it may be scanned and emailed, faxed, or mailed.

Transcripts are needed by Franciscan University for the first degree and for all of the pre-requisites already studied.  These need to be in English and are usually posted.

For emailed materials, please send to:
For faxed materials, please send to: (740) 284-5456 attn: Thomas Weishaar
For posted materials, please send to:

attn:  Thomas S. Weishaar
Online Enrollment Manager
Franciscan University of Steubenville
1235 University Blvd
Steubenville, OH 43952-1792

For all enquiries to Franciscan University contact:
Thomas S. Weishaar,   Online Enrollment Manager
Phone:  (740) 283-4410  |  Fax: (740) 284-5456

10. Information on the Prerequisites

The prerequisite subjects provided by the School of the Annunciation have all been approved by Franciscan University as compatible with the prerequisite requirements for the MA.  Although these modules are not yet accredited themselves, they have the credit equivalence of 3 US credits each and 12 undergraduate UK credits each. 

These are studied online via the School of the Annunciation interactive student site with the requirement of 2 weekend residentials. No previous studies are required for admission to these and they can all be completed in one year.  For further details on the Prerequisites Course including dates please click here.

11. To apply for all or any of the Prerequisite courses

For all further information concerning the MA at the School of the Annunciation
please contact  or phone:  01364 645660

For all further information concerning the Prerequisites at the School of the Annunciation
please contact  or phone:  01364 645660

1. Credits: Each course of 3 US credits is equivalent to 5 ECTS. MA programmes (second cycle) are worth 60 ECTS (120 UK credits) (1 US credit = between 1.5 - 2 ECTS normally) ECTS = European Credit Transfer System