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at Buckfast Abbey - Devon


Philosophy for Faith

A four-day introduction to Catholic philosophy at Buckfast Abbey

Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th August 2018

Philosophy sessions - Diploma course 2015

Do you find yourself in an age of cultural fragmentation and even conflict regarding what ‘philosophy of life’ to follow? Come and discover the Catholic faith as a ‘philosophy of life not made by human hands’, given to us ‘from above’ in the Self-Revelation of our Creator and Redeemer God.

The Church has for centuries seen the crucial role of philosophy in dialoguing with the surrounding cultures in which evangelisation has taken place. As St John Paul II, the great philosopher pope of modern times, tells us, we are all philosophers by nature. We are all called to be lovers of wisdom by the God who created our nature as reasoning beings, beings created in His own image and likeness as persons who ask questions about ourselves and about the meaning and origin of the whole of creation. 

Course Leader: Dr Andrew Beards

Dr Andrew Beards

Dr Andrew Beards leads the teaching team for this course. Andrew pursued studies in philosophy and theology in Rome, the UK, Canada and the US. He has had over twenty years of experience in teaching at HE level, teaching undergraduates, masters and doctoral students.

Andrew has a doctorate from the University of Calgary, Canada and a Pontifical Doctorate from the Lateran University, Rome.  He is an internationally known scholar, having published articles in many academic journals. Dr Beards has also been a speaker at conferences in Europe and the US.

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The Catholic vision holds that our God-given ability to reason can, when authentically cultivated, help us answer key questions on truth, the meaning of human existence, goodness and the right way to live as individuals and as a society.

This summer-course is for those who want to examine these vitally important areas in the relationship between faith and reason, Catholic teaching and philosophy.  Dr Andrew Beards leads the teaching team. 

The course takes place in the tranquillity of the monastic surroundings, on the banks of the beautiful river Dart, and includes full board and en-suite accommodation at Buckfast Abbey's Northgate House

When does it start?   

The course begins at 5.30pm on Thursday 2nd August and finishes at lunch-time on Sunday 5th August 2018.  The residential programme is designed to include talks and seminars in the context of experiencing the rhythm of daily prayer of the resident Benedictine monastic community.

 What past students on this course have to say:

 "Very good teachers, good handouts, well-planned classes, good discussions..."

"Programme included valuable free time to socialise and share ideas. Excellent facilities at Northgate House."

"A privilege to share the spiritual life of the monks for a few days. I took full advantage."

How much does it cost?    

The fee for the four days is £345. This fee includes accommodation and full board at Buckfast. In addition, there is a non-refundable registration fee of £50.

Special Price: Book two summer-courses for a special price of £650. Pay only one registration fee of £50.

For those who wish to attend only the classes, there is a day-rate of £60.

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How do I apply?  

To register for this course, or to make an enquiry, click below:

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Alternatively, to register by post, please download and print an application form here.

Closing date for applications: 19th July 2018.

Cancellation Rights: You have a 14-day cooling-off period which starts from the date of acceptance.