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Buying your Catechism

Catechisms: what to get and what not to get 

The best for study:

We strongly recommend this new edition published by CTS in April 2016.  The new edition is updated with the new translation of the Missal and is a beautiful copy which is easy to work from. The blue version is a large sized hardback. The red one is a smaller paperback. We recommend to get the hardback (blue) copy, if you can, as you will be using this text a lot.

Other editions:

If you already have these copies, you can use them for study. The red one is published by Burns & Oates. The green one is the American Version and has “Libreria Editrice Vaticana” on the front cover. It is cheaper but experience has shown that it falls apart before the course is finished.



These are all are much smaller (and cheaper) but inadequate.  The black, white and green versions do not have any of the art which the Church recommends for the publication of the Catechism. The white and green versions lack the citations of Scripture which are vital for your study and a proper use of the Catechism. 

The earliest (not definitive) edition of 1994:

This is a yellow covered edition (or the red and white “pocket” version.) We recommend that if you have a first (1994) that you buy the new CTS edition of the Catechism.