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It is with great regret that, having exhausted all possible solutions, the School of the Annunciation must close. Buckfast Abbey has been very generous to us over the past five years but the School has not managed to generate sufficient income or secure enough alternative funding and has now reached the point where it cannot remain solvent. The current courses will continue until the end of the academic year when course staff will be made redundant.

Message from the Rector 03.05.2019

As you will have read, in the announcement from the Trustees (above), the School of the Annunciation is to close. There will be many who join the students and the staff in feeling the loss of our Institute very keenly, and to each one of you I wanted to offer my deepest thanks for the support you have given to the School over the five years of its life.

First, my thanks to our Trustees, who have overseen the operation of the School from its foundation.

Second – and echoing what the Trustees have already noted in their announcement – I am grateful to the monks of Buckfast Abbey, without whose financial backing the School could not have been founded, and whose constant backing has been the guarantor of the School’s viability throughout its life. They were the first to put their trust in us, and we will always be grateful for what they have given us.

Third, I want to pay tribute to the hard work, the dedication, the professionalism, and the considerable achievements of the staff of the School throughout these five years. Their joyful dedication to the School’s mission of proclaiming the Faith, their evangelical zeal for the fulness of the Catholic Faith, and their desire to be actively engaged in the work of strengthening the faith of Christ’s disciples, has made it a privilege for me to work among them. It is they who have patiently and lovingly constructed the modules, the courses, the summer schools, the conferences, the residential weekends, and the study days that have been the core of the School’s work – and their wealth of knowledge, and depth of understanding of the faith, has made them an outstanding teaching team.

Fourth, I would like to thank all those who have become benefactors and supporters of the School. You have given your support to us over the years, and this has often meant that we could provide bursaries to students who otherwise would not have been able to cover the cost of studying at the School. You have advertised for us, recommended the School to your friends, your parish priests, and bishops. On behalf of all the staff of the School, thank you for promoting our work, for making donations towards our costs, and for the prayers you have offered for us.

In addition to all of the above, and beyond them, I offer my thanks to our students. All we have done has been for you, under the patronage of Our Lady, but our work could have no impact were it not for the trust you have placed in us since 2014. It is you who have studied, grappled with ideas new to you, prayed, and come to a deeper understanding of the riches of the Faith we profess. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak and to write of the One who matters most – the God who has loved us first.

It is to Him, at last, that we dedicate all the work that has been accomplished in these last five years, and it is with grateful hearts that we commend to Our Blessed Lady all who have been a part of the life of the School, that she may make of our work whatever is pleasing to the divine will of her Most Holy Son.

I ask you, please, to keep the staff and students of the School in your prayers throughout these last months.

Fr Guy de Gaynesford

Rector, School of the Annunciation

Welcome to the School of the Annunciation

The School of the Annunciation is a centre for adult formation at all levels, responding to the Church’s call for a New Evangelisation, in which the Catholic Faith is joyfully transmitted anew in all its beauty, depth and vigour. Here you have a sure place for finding the fullness of the faith known, loved, prayed, taught and celebrated.

It is also a Catholic Institute of Higher Education, for higher studies in the Catholic Faith. Situated in the extensive grounds of Buckfast Abbey, on the edge of the beautiful National Park of Dartmoor in Devon, England, every programme of the School is harmonised with the rhythm of the Divine Office sung each day by the community of monks at the Abbey.

The School of the Annunciation offers a range of courses in key areas of the Catholic faith to support the New Evangelisation. All are rooted in the Church’s Scriptures and living Tradition and present the teachings of the universal Magisterium. Courses being developed use a collaborative-distance-learning model of short residency periods, course texts and online interaction for personal student support. Course details may be found by navigating to the menu above.

School of the Annunciation Prayer
written by Rt. Rev. Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury Diocese

Mary, Mother of the New Evangelisation, as you prayed continuously with the Church at the beginning (Acts 1:14) be united with us now in prayer. Help us to return to the school of Nazareth and to echo your words in the hour of the Annunciation: "let it be to me according to your word." (Luke 1:38).

Help us to rejoice in the wonder of the Incarnation and with you to treasure all these things and ponder them in our hearts (Luke 2:19). Obtain for us the courage to take our stand with you beside the Cross of your Son (John 19:25) in the hour of Redemption.

Guide us as we set out along all the ways of the earth to bring to our brothers and sisters the light of faith, hope and charity (Luke 1:39). All to the praise and adoration of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit both now and forever. Amen.










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